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Austin’s newest tournament is about to get bigger with teams from out of town on Sat Jan 27 @ the New Turf Fields in Round Rock.

Tournament Includes:
• 7v7 soccer against classy opposition
• 4-6 games guaranteed
• 30 minutes per game
• Soccer prizes galore; Cups and champagne for the winners and trophies for the runners-up
• Complimentary beer post tournament
• Food trucks on site
• There will be Multiple Coed, Men’s and Women’s Divisions including Over 30 and Over 40
• Cost is $379 for ACSA teams for the early bird, which ends on December 15

Register www.soccerresort.com , call 718 433 2452, or email travel@soccerresort.com

Spring ’18 Preliminary Schedule

Our spring season will most likely be on the following Saturdays.



Fields to be determined.

This Summer: The Blue Card

In addition to yellow and red cards, ACSA officials now have the option of issuing blue cards to help control play.

A player who receives a Blue Card must immediately leave the field of play and remain on the sideline for 5 minutes of game time. A player who receives a Blue Card with less than 5 minutes remaining in the first half must complete the remainder of their 5 minute penalty when play begins in the second half.

The player may re-enter the field of play when motioned by the referee

Players receiving a Blue Card from the ref may ONLY reenter the field of play with the official's permission regardless of events occurring on field, e.g., a goal by either team does not negate or shorten the duration of the penalty.

At the end of the 5 minute penalty, a different player may be entered into the game. The returning player does not have to be the one who received the Blue Card.

A Blue Card is not related to Yellow or Red Cards. A Yellow Card is not required to precede a Blue Card and vice versa.

A player may receive multiple Blue Cards per game.

It is ultimately the referee’s discretion as to when a Blue Card is issued, but some types of fouls or incidents that could result in a Blue Card being issued include:

• Elbowing
• Dangerous tackling
• Goalkeeper endangerment
• Deliberate handball
• Unsportsmanlike behavior
• Multiple fouls/penalties assessed against a player
• Foul language or spitting on the field
• Other offenses deemed severe or blatant

This policy was approved by the Board of Captains at their last meeting on May 1, 2017. Summer only pending feedback from officials and teams.

League Slideshow of Teams

Want to see your team photo added to the slideshow above? Send us a picture!