ACSA Leadership & Contact Info

Schedule question or scheduling request? Email
*Need to forfeit a match?
Email and copy your opposing team captain(s). Captain contact info is on the standings page.
Questions about league rules and policies? Email
Referee feedback or interest in being an ACSA referee? Email the Referee Coordinator.
General questions or anything else? Contact League President (info below). 

Rainout/field status numbers. We recommend you call before leaving your house if the weather has been rainy at all. 
OCSC: AMSA field status page
NEMP: 512-854-9489, press 1

Alissa Ziemianski · Soccer FC
Email the President.
Representative and spokesperson for the league. Delegates responsibilities to cabinet members. Authority to make executive decisions when necessary. Really skilled at snacks and playlists.

Eric Thorson
· Yellow Jackets
Email the Vice President.
Performs the duties and/or acts in the absence of the President or in the event the President is unable or unwilling to act, other duties that may be assigned to them by the President or Executive Committee. 

Marcus Ollington · Soccer FC

Email the Treasurer.
*aka* El Tesorero. Keeps record of league funds and property, arranges for annual audit of financial records of the ACSA by a certified public accountant, and other duties that may be assigned to them by the President or Executive Committee.

Jenna Sinopoli · Bayside Tigers
Email the Secretary.
Manages the meeting minutes of the Board of Captains, oversees the player pool database, is the first point of contact for new or interested teams and, in general, perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary and other duties that may be assigned to them by the President or Executive Committee. Jenna also functions as the Rules Committee Chair and Scheduling Coordinator.

Rules Committee Chair
Email the Rules Committee Chair.
Acts independently from the ACSA Board Members to hear grievances and other disciplinary matters within the league.

Scheduling Coordinator
Email the Scheduling Coordinator.
Responsible for all matters related to scheduling league matches including season schedules and reschedule requests.

Represents the interests of their divisions in all matters that come before the executive committee, reviews game results and team standings, communicates information to teams including penalties and fees. 

  1. Division 1 – Katie Almejo, The Mighty Ducks, email the Division 1 Commissioner.
  2. Division 2 – Laura McClintock, AAC Lightening the Division 2 Commissioner.
  3. Division 3 – Christen Kettler, Internazionale FC, email the Division 3 Commissioner.
  4. Division 4 – Michelle Schoenebeck, Cosmic FC, email the Division 4 Commissioner.
  5. Division 5 – Adam Key, Grassy Stains, email the Division 4 Commissioner.
  6. Division 6 – Joe Quintanilla, Tigers, email the Division 6 Commissioner.


Social Coordinator
Stacia Chavarria · Dangerfields

Email the Social Coordinator.
Ain’t no party like an ACSA party and an ACSA party don’t stop. At least, that’s the goal and the Social Coordinator is responsible for making sure the party never stops. They support and coordinate social activities and other special projects assigned to them by the President or Executive Committee.

Referee Coordinator
Dustin Tolbert

Email the Referee Coordinator.
Responsible for overall management of referees including scheduling for matches, reviewing and confirming game reports and working with the President and Rules Committee Chair to address violations/issues.

*forfeits must be received at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled time to all correct parties ( AND the opposing team captain) to avoid financial penalty.