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May 2019 (unapproved)

April 2018 (unapproved)

August 2015 (unapproved)

April 2015
Officers elected. Promotions motion approved. Jenna encourages everyone to stop fighting so they don’t get red cards.

January 2015
Frank Allcorn Resolution and gift approved, Bruce Jeffers voted in as D4 Commissioner, D1 captains vote to return female goals to 2 points.

August 2014
Nonprofit status reauthorized by IRS. D1 captains vote to continue all goals at 1 point.

April 2014
Executive Officers and Commissioners reelected, save D4 where Heather Darby ran against the incumbent and won. D1 captains vote to make all goals count for 1 point during the summer. All other divisions opposed.

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And this blast from the past, back when we were the Austin Amateur Soccer Association.
May 2002